Enrique J. Garcia Lopez, is the head chef at Arbina. Originally from Madrid, he has worked and trained in many regions across Spain, where he broadened his culinary skills and learnt the art of cooking traditional, regional dishes. He has also worked internationally including a spell in the USA. Enrique has won awards for his innovative and exciting cooking, in particular for his pintxos (Valladolid 2010 Llamativos Medina del Campo: Best Cold Pintxo, Valladolid 2009 Llamativos Medina del Campo Best Verdejo Pintxo, Valladolid 2008 Llamativos Medina del Campo Best Hot Pintxo).

One of his specialties is a rice dish, Arroz de Aguinaldo de los Quintos, an original recipe cooked in a paella pan with chorizo, chilli and olives. This dish includes a hint of orange and is popular with those who enjoy a spicy kick to their food.

Before becoming a chef, Enrique was a professional Handball player for Spain’s national team. Eating well is a prerequisite for sporting success and Enrique sporting heritage motivates him to source only fresh and nutritious ingredients where possible.

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“Arroz de Aguinaldo de Quintos”

“Arroz de Aguinaldo de Quintos” is our Head Chef´s unique recipe. This dish originated in Valladolid and all towns around, based on an old custom where Quintos (teens turning 18 years old) ask around their neighbours for aguinaldo (any tip or ingredient accepted, normally chorizo, pork, chilli, oranges and olives) to celebrate a party where they cook this Arroz on a big paella pan.


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